SpoX Software Release Notes

2012, apr 18

Differences between version 5.41 to 5.43

  • BUGFIX: erasing a team from calendar erased also teams number in group!
  • BUGFIX: printing correct upcoming turns and days matches
  • BUGFIX: inserting a team mistakenly deleted in modified form
2012 feb, 18

Differences between version 5.40 to 5.41

  • BUGFIX : insert new days in web environment, ordering matches sequences by date.
2011 dic, 20

Differences between version 5.37 to 5.40

  • mproved handling of web conference group / division and increased controls
  • Possibilities to decide the number of days to be included and not limited to automatic sequential numbering.
  • agg. web folder (vers. 1.9)
  • BUGFIX : prints all the coming rounds reduced to single page.

Differences between version 5.34 to 5.37

  • Created new management group, in addition to the normal sequential numbering, limited if there are any changes in dates in days, there is sorting by date automatically. For the management has been used in the new field group to enable / disable the feature.
  • agg. web folder (vers. 1.7-1.8)
2011 oct, 21

Differences between version 5.31 to 5.34

  • Enhanced Web features: name management teams, creating prints and days.
  • agg. web folder (vers. 1.6)
  • BUGFIX : web: to print all the upcoming turns and recoveries
2011 sep, 14

Differences between version 5.30 to 5.31

  • New Web features: you can now print from all future rounds and all the recoveries of the group;
  • In the detail of the round, before the name of the teams, there is now a button to immediately eliminate a team from the ranking round with a reconstruction
  • agg. web folder (vers. 1.5)
2011 sep, 13

Differences between version 5.26 to 5.30

  • New management group (Conference / Division) with a maximum of 24 teams. New commands to allow the separate divisions of the charts
  • <<BC>> Head conference <<BD>> Head Division, in the definition line of the script eg. <<GCG>> you can enter commands to create new headers, a conference e/o division. <<(1>> text head<<(1)>> text footer <<1)>> for conference, <<(2>> text head<<(2)>> text footer <<2)>>. There is a short PDF document that shows how it works
  • BUGFIX: increased the release list of teams who need to recover.
2010 nov, 6

Differences between version 5.24 to 5.26

  • BUGFIX: with odd-team group with more than one team resting.
2010 oct, 25

Differences between version 5.22 to 5.24

  • BUGFIX: from 5.22 during export data of data where lost dashes or teamname separator
2009 mar, 20

Differences between version 5.20 to 5.22

  • New team names option during export (enable fixed length with fill any char)
2005 ott, 21 Differences between version 5.19 to 5.20 build 80
  • NEW Spox Web: see the DEMO ! see commercial offers
    • NOTE: *** The Client-Server version does not developed ***
    • Password access pages, manageable from app interface
    • Log file for tracking the records operation
    • Manage tables, matches, scorers, group-files, file
    • NOTE: web pages not developed yet
      • config
      • script editor
      • remove squads
      • Manage access list
      • Import / Export
    • Server web with unlimited users access
  • 4 new check-box (R-C-P-M) to set individually any championship
  • BUGFIX: error during web access for activation key changes
2005 apr, 27 Differences between version 5.18 to 5.19
  • NEW: Add 3 configurable parameters $D for date format, $P for special path format and $S for prefix filename and scriptname. These prefix will be add or modify from Menu -> Config.
  • - $D global; extract today's date (from computer) with these legal formats Y=year, M=month, D=day. Ex (YYYYMMDD = 20050427, or YYMMDD = 050427, or YMMDD = 50427 or MMDDYY etc. ex. path: c:\spox5\class\G$D with $D="YMMDD" = c:\spox5\class\G50427009R)
  • - $P local; it's changeable from Menu -> Alter on TableList and remain valid only for the current open session. ( ex MM-DD_ = 04-27_) MM and DD symbols have the date value.
  • - $S local; same that $P but, the assigned value is used for filename and scriptname prefix. (ex G is the prefix for filename; and form01 the scriptname in gir.9 and $S="P2"; set filename to P2G009R and execute the scriptname P2form01 to place of form01.
2005 apr, 3 - Differences between version 5.17 to 5.18
  • Updated some html file in WEBSP
  • BUGFIX: some differences between file and DB fixed
  • BUGFIX: During output file on MAC platform an abnormal print page fixed
2005 feb, 5

-Differences between version 5.16 to 5.17

  • BUGFIX: Modified next match counter on Special classified (Sort:8)
  • BUGFIX: Modified print formats
2004 dec, 6

-Differences between version 5.15 to 5.16

  • Added resources for Spanish language
  • New sw (spoxkey) network manager for dongle or authorization key. To be insert in Autostart, on server or PC, where Spox data-file resides. Only for user which starts Spox from network on more PCs
  • BUGFIX: Modified counting on Special classified team
  • BUGFIX: Remove error message during "Delete championship"
2004 oct, 25

-Differences between version 5.14 to 5.15

  • Improved the management of the messages in the web, activated alert for multiple accesses to the same championship.
  • BUGFIX: only for client/server and web. In the insertion of the results or new day of matches, could succeed a conflict access between two users in same championship.
  • BUGFIX: only for client/server and web. When saving the results the increasing turns to the next match did not perform.
2004 oct, 23 -Differences between version 5.13 to 5.14
  • Management special teams outside tables (note FIGC reg. Sardinia N°3 26/82004). Change a bool field with a char "A" for old recostruction and a char "B" for matches without points.
  • Add in Client/Server version the manage of new code activation-key
  • WEB access for change site code. Entering with rigistered email.
2004 oct, 9 -Differences between version 5.12 to 5.13
  • Chars of separation in the results field (typical "-") can modifiable in every champioship
  • From championships list tne menu "Check-data" allows to verify SQL database contens after the append data.
  • BUGFIX: in asynchronous round championship after the 6th round began the return.
  • BUGFIX: field password in config screen is masked
  • BUGFIX: (web) inhibited from the directory of the championships the asynchronous tables
2004 sep, 27 -Differences between version 5.10 to 5.12
  • New command from WEB: Chanpionship reconstruction, insertion new round of the calendar.
  • Change the serial code with the coupling to the IP and MAC address in the activation key
  • Management special teams outside tables (famous FIGC reg. Sardinia N°3 26/82004).
  • The TLTX script exit data also on dattabase through appropriate check box. the export data use the newspaper team name.
  • Modernized styles CSS for corrected visualization on Safari (browser Mac OS X) Mozzilla Firefox (Win)
  • The names of the teams and of the championships pass from 24 to 32 characters
  • New commands: RL, RE, ML, ME, MS, MR, (ris and class Rugby) OI hour of matches, command BP in column (class)
  • New Type 8 of ordering for the management of championships with asymmetric rounds (ex. England, Holland), no automatic return matches
  • Management of scorers from results screen, allows a repetitive insertion of data for scorer's table
  • In config screen a new menu for import the system parameters from a backup.
  • BUGFIX: increased field size in order to allow the 3 chars in the row of championships list
  • BUGFIX: from the round screen the change of a result does the reconstruction of tables
  • BUGFIX: (GC) command in database mode doesn't work.
2004 jan, 29 -Differences from the version 5.09 to 5.10
  • New WEB command (Reco) recalculation of the calendar.
  • BUGFIX: only from 5-08; championship don't deleted
  • BUGFIX: Isn't create new championship with code great than 99
  • BUGFIX: Platform (Mac, Win) mismatch in WEB environment
  • BUGFIX: Export full table list doesn't store on correct path (G,T,H)TABELxxx
2004 jan, 8 -Differences from the version 5.08 to 5.09
  • New parameter for define the number of export text lines for scorers, a value for every championship.
  • Manage scorers easy, with autosearch names.
  • BUGFIX: only from 5-08; the results for first half championship not in correct view (in next match export file).
2003 dec, 5 -Differences from the version 5.07 to 5.08
  • Implemented the management via web of: results, recoveries, list matches. The web server works in DEMO mode for one hour. In order to see its operation enough to download the folder "websp" and to put it in the folder of SpoX. To start the web server set the check-box "web-server" (default TCP port: 8888) in preferences menu , then activate HTML export heading from the inside of the folder "websp- > webclass". Of course, all the scripts must have the description in < < RHR > >, < < CHC > >, < < PHP > >, < < MHM > >. This is necessary only for the web function "Usc" in the list of the champioship.
  • BUGFIX: problems of sort in the print of group lists, next turns and leg table.
3-ott-2003 - Differenze dalla versione 5.06 alla 5.07
  • ### BONUS-PENALI ### eliminata la gestione separata. per difetti accumulati in una versione precedente, (piu' record della stessa squadra) non viene riportato il valore di bonus-penale nella nuova gestione. ATTENZIONE quindi a stampare l'elenco dei bonus-penale e trascriverlo nella nuova sezione, all'interno del girone, vicino al nome della squadra. NON FUNZIONA PIU' IL MENU' BONUS-PENALI, quindi solo dalla versione precedente si può fare la stampa.
  • Rilasciata la versione WEB server. Necessita della licenza WEB utenti illimitati. Permette l'elenco e l'inserimento dei risultati. Successive versioni vengono qui sotto descritte con i tempi di rilascio previsti.
  • Nuovo comando <<ER>> permette di definire la fine dell'elenco in modo diverso, se durante il ciclo di uscita o nell'ultima riga. (es: «IF«ER».NE.0@; IF»«IF«ER».EQ.0@.IF» questa parte di script mette alla fine della riga descritta un ;<spazio> se durante il normale ciclo di uscita, altrimenti nel caso dell'ultima riga, un .
  • Per produrre un singolo file o record al database, con Risultati, Classifica, Prossimo Turno e Marcatori basta assegnare al girone un gruppo e un nomefile o profilo ODBC dove scaricare i dati.
  • Migliorata la leggibilità delle stampe dei prossimi turni e tabellone.
  • BUGFIX: nella gestione dei gruppi alcuni difetti nella creazione del file e nella dimesioni dei nomi.
  • BUGFIX: nell'inserimento dei risultati, dal WEB, non incrementava il prossimo turno.
23-set-2003 - Differenze dalla versione 5.05 alla 5.06
  • BUGFIX: negli script con il comando <<LP.... si perdevano alcuni caratteri di inizio riga.
20-set-2003 - Differenze dalla versione 5.04 alla 5.05
  • In Configura ce un box per attivare/disattivare il Web server e un campo per impostare il numero di porta TCP con cui lavorare.
  • BUGFIX: sistemato l'ordinamento delle giornate nella stampa/export del tabellone riassuntivo
  • BUGFIX: in uscita file/DB dei dati si attivava un processo di stampa.
  • BUGFIX: nell'inserimendo di note nel campo risultati, dall'elenco delle giornate con doppio-click, non salvava le modifiche
  • BUGFIX: eliminando un girone venivano eliminate tutte le penalità di tutto il database (solo dalla 5-04), mentre prima non venivano proprio eliminate le penalità (dalla 5-00)
18-set-2003 - Differenze dalla versione 5.03 alla 5.04
  • Il comando <<RS>> (risultati) messo nel dettaglio del prossimo turno permette di visualizzare eventuali note come l'orario delle partite. Inseribile dalla seconda finestra (Tab) delle giornate.
    (es. <<RS>> aggiunto nella 2a riga del prossimo turno
    «SQ» - «ST»#09«RS»#09«LP[«RP»]LP»#EOL)
  • BUGFIX: qualche malfunzionamento per l'esportazione verso i DBs
12-set-2003 - Differenze dalla versione 5.0 alla 5.03
  • BUGFIX: non esportava su DB risultati e prossimi turni
5-set-2003 - Differenze dalla versione 4.7.5g alla 5.03
  • IMPORTANTE: L’uscita su File o Database ora ha un formato sul codice girone a 3 cifre (es. G012R.T) Quindi prima di avviare il programma v5 è necessario cambiare i nomi dei nomi dei file o nel database, altrimenti il programma non trovera i file/records. Il precedente formato a due cifre non è più disponibile. (PS: i due software almeno nella prima parte del campionato possono convivere).
  • IMPORTANTE: convertendo una base dati versione 4.7.x in 5 bisogna fare la ricostruzione dei vari gironi, per permettere il corretto setup dei nuovi parametri.
    Inoltre bisogna inserire il valore per le partite in parità
  • 999 gironi
  • 24 squadre
  • gestione delle giornate con tutte le frazioni di gioco ed i minuti degli eventi.
  • Tutti i parziali dei tempi dal 1° - al 5°, finale + 2 supplementari
  • Testato su Mac OS 9.x – OS X 10.2.x, Win 98,, NT, 2K, XP.
  • Accesso web su porta 8080 per leggere e inserire risultati, anche tramite web services (necessita di una speciale licenza web).
  • Nuova interfaccia., possibilità di creare note per ogni squadra ed esportarle.
  • Nuova gestione marcatori, con gestione dei tempi e azioni spec. classifiche speciali Volley, gironi Rugby.
  • Modificato comando <<MP>> in <<MP G>> Reti totali, <<MP R>> rigori totali, <<MP G,0R>> reti, riglori frmattato con 0N, ecc. ed eliminato <<MR>>
  • Nuovi comandi <<PI>> ordine in classifica (Rank); <<DD>> data corrente; <<DF>> differenza punti totali; <<CC>> note sq casa; <<CT>> note sq trasf.; <<IF>> funzione condizionale (.EQ. .NE. .GT. .LT.); <<M3>> 3 tiri+attr. Tot. +drop; <<MF>>liberi fatti+batt.+calcio piazzato; <<MM>>3 tiri fatti+att. Fatti + muro; <<MN>> minuto del punto; <<MT>>liberi totali+battute+trasf.; <<MX>> mete dell’incontro; <<Q1>> ris 1 temp. suppl.; <<Q2>> ris II temp.- suppl.; <<QP>>quoziente punti; <<R1>> - <<R5>> risunrari frazione 1-5 volley; <<TM>>tempo del punto; <<30>>, <<31>>, <<32>>, <<03>>, <<13>>, <<23>> risultati volley.

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